Mexican Beef Chili

Beef Chili

First introduced to us by Björn and Tove at a very nice Mexican Theme dinner they held for a gathering of good friends. This dish from Jonas Cramby particularly caught our attention so much so that here it is on our blog for a quick reference on your phone at the supermarket. The Mexican style dinner is particularly cool as there is such a nice variation of dishes that you can go and pluck from, great for relaxed social occasions.


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Ingredients 4 person.

  • 1 or 2 dried chipotlechili
  • Chopped dried harbanero – to taste
  • 1–2 dl water
  • ca 1 kg stewing steak (högrev)
  • 1 whole garlic
  • 2–3 tb/s flour
  • 1 te/s chilipowder
  • 2 te/s spiskummin
  • 2 te/s dried coriander
  • 2 te/s dried oregano
  • 1 te/s sugar
  • salt & black peppar
  • 33 cl light beer
  • 1 beef stock cube

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Remove the stems and seed the dried chili. Place in a pan cover them with water and boil for about 15 minutes.

Dice the meat and finely chop the garlic then fry meat and garlic in a little oil. Fry until a nice browning is achieved.
Put the fried meat and garlic in the casserole dish then sprinkle flour, chili powder and the other dry spices, sugar, salt and pepper over the meat. Chop and add the fresh chili. Stir. Chop the cooked, dried chilies and add to the casserole dish. Fill with beer and broth so that it just covers.
Let stand with the lid and simmer at least 2 hours or until meat is stringy and fine.

Serve with what ever you choose in this example we used polenta, oven roast potatoes, red pepper and mushrooms with steamed cauliflower and tzatziki. For a more classic approach wheat or corn tortillas, lime wedges, sour cream, coriander, grated cheddar cheese and pickled red onion.